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Karl Taylor has been a professional photographer for over 20 years and has travelled the globe on assignments for some of the world’s most successful companies. Here is a brief synopsis of his career in the industry…


  • Advertising style photo
  • Landscape photo of Icelandic beach
  • Fashion photography model jumping in lunar landscape
  • Advertising product photography product shot
  • Fashion & beauty lighting portrait
  • Fashion photography image of model on moss in landscape
  • Advertising style fashion photo
  • Corsetry fashion shoot
  • Hasselblad Photokina Shoot 2014
  • Photo of kids running in field
  • Hasselblad Photokina Shoot 2014
  • Advertising image of paint pots explosions of colour
  • Travel & landscape photograph
  • Corsetry fashion shoot
  • Landscape photography of waterfall with slow shutter
  • Landscape taken with compact camera
  • Product photograph of watch
  • Hasselblad Photokina Shoot 2014
  • Landscape photography image
  • Harris hawk photograph
  • Advertising photograph of model lips closeup
  • Fashion shoot of model in front of waterfall
  • Travel & landscape photograph
  • Wine glass explosion fast flash demonstration photograph

Karl Taylor's Photojournalist Work

Karl left school at the age of just 16 with a talent for art and design. After securing a promising job in the design industry, Karl hoped to develop his skills and looked forward to the future. However, less than a year later and only 17 years old Karl was made redundant. Out of work and not really knowing what to do next, Karl applied for a vacancy at a retail photography store selling camera equipment. It was a decision that would change his life forever.

Within weeks Karl had discovered SLR photography and a medium that captivated his passion for recording life and producing artistic images. With the help of his peers he became engrossed in the subject and spent every spare minute studying and practicing the craft. Learning everything he could about film, optics, darkrooms, shutter speeds and depth of field, Karl quickly started to create images that became recognised for their impact and professionalism.

In his early twenties, continuing his passion for photography, Karl spent three years freelancing in South East Asia as a photojournalist, contributing images and articles about indigenous people to several leading newspapers and magazines. During his time abroad he spent a further year in Australia. It was here where Karl took up employment as an assistant in a commercial studio and perfected his skills in lighting and the often 'closed shop' techniques of advertising photography.

Returning to the UK with a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm Karl managed to secure financing to open his own studio offering both commercial and advertising photography. His portfolio soon caught the eye of art directors, advertising agencies and leading retail outlets, growing his business from strength to strength. Shooting with film in a variety of camera formats including the painstakingly slow 5x4 inch cameras with dark slides, Karl paid close attention to the arrival of digital photography. He made it a priority to establish his skills in the 'digital darkroom' called Photoshop and became a professional in high-end retouching services.

Ten years later, an expert in the industry, Karl began lecturing on photography and teaching other photographers the techniques of the 'digital photography era'. His earlier years, using film and darkroom printing, gave him an enviable insight into how to create images rather than just capture them. In 2009 Karl was short-listed for a Hasselblad Masters Award and now Karl continues to share his passion and knowledge for photography through his series of Master Class Courses and workshops. He also continues to work regularly for some of the world’s leading businesses and advertising agencies.

Outside of work Karl is happily married to Hélène and they have two young children. In the past both have enjoyed traveling to unusual and challenging destinations across the world, though Hélène often wishes Karl could leave the cameras behind! When not taking pictures, Karl spends much of his time underwater, enjoying his other passion – diving. Initially reluctant to take photos underwater too, Karl has recently discovered a new challenge – underwater video!

To view Karl's commercial portfolio visit: www.karltaylorportfolio.com

Karl Taylor behind the scenes photo montage
Karl Taylor behind the scenes photo montage

My Photography Courses are divided into two main categories “Masterclass Series” and “Pro-Series Masterclass”. The Masterclass series is suitable for those starting out in photography right through to those at advanced level. The Pro-Series is clearly aimed at professional photographers and high-end enthusiasts who already possess in-depth knowledge.

To help your knowledge of photography improve as rapidly as possible, I have written and carefully scripted our first 5 titles in the Masterclass Series as such that you progress with your photography in the most logical and practical way. I thoroughly recommend that you fully understand the essentials of our Introduction to Photography DVD before proceeding to other titles in our series.

The information covered in the Introduction to Photography title concentrates on improving your ability to use your Digital SLR camera in full manual mode, which is essential to your ability to progress with your photography in the more technical areas covered in our other titles. If you have a clear understanding of apertures, depth of field, shutter speeds, light, composition and are already proficient at using your camera in manual mode then moving on to our more advanced titles would not harm your learning process. But many students of mine (even experienced ones) find revisiting the fundamentals is often extremely useful.


My Goal to you in the Masterclass Training Series

All our courses are carefully thought through and designed with your training and ability to understand the information in mind.


Each title covers an area of photography that will further help your understanding of the subject. Each course features stunning example images that were captured during the making of each programme, giving you a real experience of 'how to do it'.

All of our courses feature:
  • Entertaining and informative knowledge
  • Important step by step techniques
  • The essential principles behind creative photography
  • Easy to understand explanations that avoid unnecessary technical jargon
  • Learning at your own pace
  • Karl Taylor and/or other leading experts' advice
  • The visual format allows you to easily repeat the information provided
  • Personal support related to your photography course from Karl and the Team

My goal is to help you learn what you want to learn in an informative and entertaining way. I want you to feel you have gained something from each series title, but as with all training programmes you will also need to practise the techniques demonstrated in order to truly benefit.

By purchasing our courses you will also be able to discuss techniques and information with others using our programmes through our website forum and knowledge base as well as pick up additional information that we post on the site. Good luck and we hope you enjoy learning with us.

Karl Taylor behind the scenes photo montage


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